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In response to: Fail2ban

nico [Member]
other way:
Jigish Gohil: Stop ssh brute force attack using SuSEfirewall
Edit /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2:
#do not open ssh ports here
#add this rule
#Restart firewall:
rcSuSEfirewall2 restart
Now attacker will just have three attempts to break in.
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In response to: KDED hangs at 100% cpu

nico [Member]
note: I also removed the kpowersaverc
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In response to: 10 essential tricks for admins

nico [Member]
Doesn't work anymore; can add boot params directly, in main grub-screen. added 1 -> starts in runlevel 1 as intended, BUT it then asks for the root-password !

Good security; but now I need to reset my forgotten root-passwd some other way...

put init=/bin/bash in the boot-options in grub.
(using /bin/sh doesn't work)
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