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provides extensive kate-part with embedded preview, jump to error location etc...

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Found the following at:

Create a new file at /etc/udev/rules.d/60-kqemu.rules and insert the following:

KERNEL=="kqemu", NAME="%k", MODE="0660", GROUP="kqemu"

Next, change the contents of /etc/modprobe.d/kqemu to the following:

options kqemu major=0

Lastly, add a new group to your system called kqemu and add yourself to it using:

sudo addgroup --system kqemu
sudo adduser $user kqemu

If you didn’t quite follow everything we just did here’s a recap. We created a udev rule that will create the device we need when the kqemu module is loaded. We also customized some of the details of that device, and then added our $user to the group so they’d have permissions to use the new device.
At this point you’ll need to login and log out again to refresh your user permissions and group containment. After you’ve done this try to launch your virtual machine again and see if you notice a difference in performance. On my machine it is very much noticeable and I’m sure you’ll find the same. Again, this section is for those machines that can support the KVM system tested for in the first part of the tutorial.
If you want to automate the sections on loading the kernel modules we need you’ll want to add them to the list of modules automagically loaded at boot. Add new lines for the modules you need in the /etc/modules file, such as:


load kqemu module at boot:
in yast->system->/etc/sysconfig Editor
in System/Kernel/MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT add kqemu
(this is the file /etc/sysconfig/kernel )

create the file /etc/modprobe.d/kqemu
containing the following : options kqemu major=0

now create the rule to make /dev/kqemu accessible:
/etc/udev/rules.d/60-kqemu.rules :
KERNEL=="kqemu", NAME="%k", MODE="0666"
[this just gives anyone rw access]

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site for creating vmware virtual machines that can be used by vmplayer

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nr: 399561

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voor gadgets, t-shirts etc...

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Very detailed BIOS and system info from shell :

for mem:
dmidecode --type 17
(not always available)


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Konqueror: regelmatig foutmelding over nspluginviewer (bij 1 user, andere geen probleem).

solution: in ~/.mozila/ de plugin-directory verwijderd; bevatte alleen een (oude) flash-plugin.

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Roundup; basis systeem; issue-tracking-BUILDER

comparison of issue-tracking software:

lijkt meer gericht op software versie beheer, betere wiki, betere SVN integratie ?
color-coded tickets
keywords (tags)
gantt charts en time-tracking dmv plugins.
doxygen plugin

heeft support voor multiple projects, gantt charts, calendar, time-tracking.
Kan ook CVS gebruiken !

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install package audiokonverter; provides a context-menu-item in the konqueror filemanager to convert between mp3, ogg, wma etc.

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converting files (wma to mp3 etc.) from within amarok using a amarok-script

In amarok goto tools->scriptmanager
In the script manager choose "get more scripts"
install transkode.
Then in scriptmanager select the transkode script and click on "run"

install 32-bit version of:
- X.Org Xdmcp library
- taglib

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Heres how to convert these files easily.
This will convert all wma files in the current directory to mp3.
The wma files will be deleted !!


1. create a text file called wmamp3 in your ~/

2. Open the file in your favorite editor and enter the following


current_directory=$( pwd )
#remove spaces
for i in *.wma; do mv "$i" `echo $i | tr ' ' '_'`; done
#remove uppercase
for i in *.[Ww][Mm][Aa]; do mv "$i" `echo $i | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'`; done
#Rip with Mplayer / encode with LAME
for i in *.wma ; do mplayer -vo null -vc dummy -af resample=44100 -ao pcm -waveheader $i && lame -m s audiodump.wav -o $i; done
#convert file names
for i in *.wma; do mv "$i" "`basename "$i" .wma`.mp3"; done
rm audiodump.wav
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Let Scribus do the math for you. Almost every spinbox where you enter values with measurements can magically do math. You can mix and match units as well. Special units are: pageheight, pagewidth, height, width

divide 8.5 inches by 3
divide the page width by 4 *This only works with points.
double the width of the selected object
add 2 picas to 5 inches

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privateer port for linux !

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oude computers o.a. SUN

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Table of Sun Sparc 5 Model Configurations
Model TypeSun Part NumberNotes
Sparc 5 70Mhz 501-2286
Originally shipped with 0MB RAM, earlier revision CPU
Originally shipped with 16MB RAM, earlier revision CPU
Originally shipped with 32MB RAM, earlier revision CPU
Originally shipped with 0MB RAM, later revision CPU
Originally shipped with 16MB RAM, later revision CPU
Originally shipped with 32MB RAM, later revision CPU
Sparc 5 85Mhz 501-2572
Originally shipped with 0MB RAM, 2.3/2.5 revision CPU
Originally shipped with 32MB RAM, 2.3/2.5 revision CPU
Originally shipped with 0MB RAM, 3.x revision CPU
Originally shipped with 32MB RAM, 3.x revision CPU
Originally shipped with 0MB RAM, 2.6 revision CPU
Originally shipped with 32MB RAM, 2.6 revision CPU
Sparc 5 110Mhz 501-2778
Originally shipped with 0MB RAM
Originally shipped with 32MB RAM
Sparc 5 170Mhz 501-3059
Originally shipped with 0MB RAM
Originally shipped with 32MB RAM
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About Free Software Magazine
Free Software Magazine is the only magazine worldwide that is dedicated to the promotion of free software as a whole.
Our website is based on the fantastic free software Drupal CMS.
If you are new to the concept of "free software", you might like to read our jargon-free beginner's guide to free software.
For a more in-depth discussion and definition of free software you can also visit the Free Software Foundation (FSF).
Our goals
Our primary aims are:
to promote free software and its use; and
to educate the global community in the use of free software.
We hope to achieve these goals through what we do:
We produce a bi-monthly magazine in HTML format that is free to everyone.
We also have a blog where a pool of bloggers have their say about free software on a daily basis. The bloggers consist of some of our best authors, members of the free software community and special guests.
We now have free software forums where readers can find out about free software alternatives, get help looking for free software to meet their requirements, discuss their switch to free software and ask for directions on where to find help with a free software related problem.
In our reviews section, our book reviewers provide in depth reviews of free software related books. These books come from the catalogues of some of the best publishers in the IT industry.
We also send our subscribers newsletters, which inform them of any announcements, news, competitions, and recently released content for our magazine and site.

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