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A complete list of free online courses offered by Stanford's Coursera, MIT and Harvard led edX (MITx + Harvardx + BerkeleyX), and Udacity

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"People liked NASCAR because the constant crashes made it exciting, and this gave me an idea..."
-- Bill Gates on Microsoft Windows

"You Can't Believe Most of the Quotes You Read On the Internet"
-- Abraham Lincoln


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EOL mirrors

Mirrors for EOL (End of Lifetime, discontinued) openSUSE and SuSE releases are still around. While it is recommended to upgrade to the newest versions is some cases you just want to download a package or two. Use these mirrors for those cases:

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This Javascript applet allows for controlling and monitoring the power management mode and temperature of AMD/ATI graphics cards.

It only works with the free Xorg radeon driver and requires at least a 2.6.35 kernel.

It does NOT work with the proprietary fglrx driver.

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"20 years ago today, id software released Wolfenstein 3D, inspired by the classic Apple II game, Castle Wolfenstein. To celebrate, Bethesda Softworks on Wednesday released a free, browser-based version of the iconic first-person shooter. Users can pick which level they wish to play in the browser version, even the secret levels."

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Thinkpad W520 opensuse 12.1

Upon shutdown freezes just before poweroff.

Shutdown methods:

halt -p ; failed
/sbin/poweroff ; failed
shutdown -h -P now ; WORKS !

Using systemd ; switching to sysvinit might help.

In /usr/share/kde4/config/kdm/kdmrc put the above shutdown command in HaltCmd This is supposed to be the default, but apparantly that got changed (due to systemd?)
switched to sysvinit ; install package sysvinit-init

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All The Cheat Sheets An Up To Date Web Designer Needs: CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery

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PAge-header-image shown on top of gallery-photo's

There’s a problem in the style.css file of theme Twenty Eleven 1.3 at the following level:

/* =Header
----------------------------------------------- */

#branding {
border-top: 2px solid #bbb;
padding-bottom: 10px;
position: relative;
z-index: 2;

z-index must be 2 and not 9999 as it is in the original version

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