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I hadn't noticed, but there are Mandriva 2010 Spring packages for KDE 4.5.2 available since some days now on KDE FTP. I currently don't know whom to thank but thank you !! (neoclust maybe ??) Packages for both i586 and x86_64 are available. Here are the upgrade instructions:

First, if you have added the repositories for any previous version, remove them with the following command:

urpmi.removemedia kde-4.5

or whatever name you gave to the repository. Second, add the KDE 4.5.2 repository, please try to use another mirror to leverage some load from KDE's main FTP server. For 32 bit systems use the following urpmi command (as root):

urpmi.addmedia kde-4.5.2 ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/4.5.2/Mandriva/2010.1/i586/

For 64 bits systems use the following urpmi command (as root):

urpmi.addmedia kde-4.5.2 ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/4.5.2/Mandriva/2010.1/x86_64/

Then update the repositories and download all the packages before actually installing them to make sure that the installation is possible (as root):

urpmi --auto-update --auto-select --test

When all packages finish downloading and you see a message at the end saying that the installation is possible, you can now run the same command without the --test parameter to now perform the installation (as root):

urpmi --auto-update --auto-select

After the packages installation finishes, logout and log back in, That's it. If you have any problem with the upgrade, the first thing to do to tryo to solve it is to log out, move away your .kde4 directory and log back in.

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KAddressbook entries not usable from Kmail.

hat was the problem. I used an akonadi address book in KAddressBook,
but in systemsettings' Resources page, it still pointed to a file
resource. I deleted that and added the akonadi resource created in
KAddressBook, and now it works.

In system settings->Personal Information->KDE resources : use akonadi resource.

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After new install (suse11.1) with existing home directory, kded uses 100% CPU as soon as a wallet is opened.

SOLVED by removing the ksmserverrc file before logging in.

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